21 May, 2019

How to get rid of fleas on cats?

By Nabil Amir

Fleas are one of the insects which we dread. This is mostly when we have a pet at home. Surprising the flea does not really have an issue with humans. It is your pet that it desires. Therefore, when there are fleas in your home, or you have a flea infestation, then you can expect to see a lot of swelling and itching on your pet. This is especially true when you have a cat as a pet.

The first thing which you would have to do though to make sure that your cat really has flea on its hair and skin. Some of the signs of the presence of flea would include the red bums on the skin of your pet. It could also show if your cat has been shaking his or her head vigorously for a while now. Other signs would include the loss of fur or the presence of restless behavior. When it attacks your cat, your cat would end up going through a terrible time.
With this in mind, here are top ways through which you can get rid of the fleas which are present on your cats;

Flea Comb

One method which is popular and works a lot would be the use of the flea comb. The flea comb is used to brush or part the hairs on your pet. When this happens, fleas that are present in the hair would be likely to jump out. Also, you would almost surely catch some flea with the mouth of your flea comb.
When you intend to use your flea comb, you should ensure that the comb is dipped in water. This water should contain dish soap mixed thoroughly. This method would ensure that you defeat the fleas that are in the hair of your pet.

Treat Your Cat

The truth is that if your cat has fleas, then your cat is probably going through a lot. With this in mind, it might just be time to treat your cats. There are several ways in which you can do this effectively. Here are some of them;
Flea Shampoo: one of the ways would be to bathe your cat thoroughly with the help of a shampoo designed to get rid of fleas. This would ensure that your cat comes out clean and devoid from all fleas that might have been causing it discomfort.
Flea Spray: another thing which would work perfectly for you would be the flea spray. Using lemon, you can make a flea spray which would end up keeping your cat free from any worry caused by fleas.
In order to make sure that you keep your cat free from the danger of a flea infestation, you should make sure that you do regular checkups on your cat.

Treat All Pets

While the focus might be on a particular cat, the truth is that you would probably do the job better if you shift your focus to making sure that all the pets in your home are free from flea. So if you are someone who has a variety of pets at home, then you should be prepared to treat all of them once in a while. This would, in the long run, help you to avoid all forms of infestation from fleas.


Another thing which would contribute to flea on your cat or any pet for that matter would be the state of your environment. The truth is that when flea enters your home through the pet, it does not just stay on the pet. It may roll off when your pet is lying down, and the eggs may produce more flea in various parts of your home. Therefore, with this in mind, it would surely be an excellent idea to treat your home regularly. Here are some of the ways in which you can achieve this; Cleaning: fleas would hardly be found be houses that are next to spotless in terms of cleaning. Therefore, try to take your house closer to that level. This would help ward off the flea infestation which may happen at any moment. Another way to clean would be to vacuum regularly. This would take off the flea eggs, which ended up on the floor or on your carpets easily and save you from the prospect of having to deal with more fleas on your car.

Home remedies: another thing which you can resort to would-be home remedies of treating flea on your cat and home. Ingredients such as salt and baking soda would go a long way to help your household when they are combined with the power of the vacuum cleaner. So make sure that you utilize the opportunity.

Cat’s Bedding And Washing

If your cat has the problem of fleas, then the first thing you should investigate is the area where your cats sleep. When it comes to the beddings of your cat, the best thing which you can do is to clean it. Because of the likely presence of fleas on that bed, you should rely on your vacuum to do the trick. Using it on the cat’s bed would make all the difference.

While doing so would help, you should also endeavor to wash all the things which your cat comes in contact with on a regular basis. This would mostly include the cushions and even your bed covers. Make sure that you dry them really well and using a hot temperature. This would help you in achieving your help.
The best way of approaching the problem of fleas on your cats would be to get medications which deal with flea prevention and cure. These medications would help your cat to bounce back to normal in less than no time. Interested? One of the best medication which you can get would be the medicated tube which is gotten at
The medicated tube is a medication which is provided on a monthly basis to owners of pets. This medication has numerous benefits and is also moderate in terms of the cost and the duration of usage.

The medicated tube which is provided would be for any dog or cats, which is about 7 weeks or older. Here are some of the features of having these medications;

• The medication is waterproof and so should be okay even when bathing your pet.
• It helps kills fleas.
• It helps in the killing of the flea larvae.
• It helps in the killing of the flea eggs.
• It ensures that fleas who are re-infesting are all taken care of within two hours.
• It helps in making sure that the flea life cycle is broken and that the eggs which are produced do not mature into full-grown adults.
• It is effective when taken once a month for full flea protection.
• Some of the advantages of getting this flea medication tube would be;
• The cost of getting it is spread across a long duration when compared with the multi-tube package.
• It is delivered to your front door every month. This would, in turn, remind you of applying the medication every month and would ensure that you never miss the way a month of application.
• You do not have to take your pets to the vets but can treat them right from the comfort of your home.


Fleas can be a serious pain if you let it be. It has the ability to enter your house and give your pets a torrid time. The truth is that once you realize you might be facing an infestation of fleas, then you would need to take certain steps in order to ensure your pets remains happy and healthy. Getting the medicated tube would surely aid you in ensuring that you achieve your goal.