21 May, 2019

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In The House?

By Nabil Amir

Dealing with a flea infestation in your home is one of the most difficult things that anyone can have to deal with and even more so if you have a pet. Pet owners know for a fact that a flea infestation in their homes if left unattended many times, would result in the entire fumigation of the home. No one really wants to have to go through all of that. Dealing with a flea infestation in your home and even on your pet can be very time consuming and very stressful. The amazing thing is that if you can catch the beginning of an infestation in time, then you really have no need for the services of a professional to help you get rid of the menace of fleas.

Fleas do not only get into your home from your pets. Even if you do not own a pet, there are still several ways that fleas can get into your home.
It could be through a rodent, or they could have simply jumped from the grass in your yard onto a piece of fabric that you carried into the house.

Fleas are tenacious tiny creatures that need to attach themselves to hosts in order to survive. The adults feed off the blood of their hosts while the eggs and larvae can remain dormant and feed off the pre-digested blood from their mothers before they break out of their cocoon and search for their first blood meal. Flea larvae, while in their cocoon stage have the ability to sense changes in thermal energy in their environments and this encourages them to break out of their cocoon and seek the source of the heat in order to attach itself and have its first blood meal. These sources of heat most times are pets when they come into the home. The life cycle of fleas is so quick, and they are so tiny that they multiply very quickly and we do not even notice until our homes are being overrun by them.

Getting rid of fleas in the home, despite being a stressful and time-consuming task, is not a completely lost cause. Before you decide that you cannot deal with it anymore and you call in a professional, let us explore various ways that you can deal with the flea infestation in your home right from inside your home.

Treat Your Pet

If you have a pet, this is the first obvious course of action. Treating your pet and making sure that they are protected from any future infestations. This way, you would not have to worry about your pet being a host or even bringing in more fleas while you eradicate the already existing ones in your home. offers a fantastic flea treatment and prevention medication that is delivered right to your doorstep. This medication is effective in the killing of adult fleas, the larvae, and the eggs; it is also completely waterproof and suitable for pets from ages 7 weeks and above.

Wash All Beddings In Hot Soapy Water

If you have pets, then chances are, there are some eggs or larvae stuck in the beddings of your pet; and if you do not own a pet, then you most likely have transferred the fleas to your own beddings through your clothes. It is best to take care of this situation by washing all bedding in hot soapy water. This is because the heat is very effective in killing fleas as well as their larvae and eggs. Also, soap is important because adult fleas cannot survive in soapy water. Do this regularly until your home is completely free of fleas.
Use Salt and Baking Soda. When it comes to your couch, carpets, and rugs, this is probably one of the best remedies for killing off fleas. Salt and baking soda serve as dehydrating agents, especially to fleas. All you have to do is simply sprinkle or brush some salt or baking soda onto your couch, rug, and carpet. The salt and baking soda draw out moisture from the adult fleas, and as a result of this, they end up bleeding to death. When it comes to the eggs and the larvae, it is the same dehydrating process; however, the eggs and larvae simply shrivel off and break.


This task is much more than just a chore to keep your home clean. It is one of the surest ways to eradicate fleas from your home. The air power that the vacuum cleaner possesses is powerful enough to suck away adult fleas, eggs, and larvae that are hiding in crevices of your couch, rugs, and carpets. As a matter of fact, pairing the use of salt and baking soda with vacuuming is an excellent and highly effective way of getting rid of fleas for good.


For cases where fleas may have come into your home through rodents, chances are, they are hiding or have eggs and larvae in very hard to reach crevices. This means that salt, baking soda, and vacuuming may not be helpful here. In cases like this, fogging is very effective because the gas is able to go into the crevices where these creatures are hiding out. The thing is though that this gas is harmful to both you and your pet, and so, you would need to completely vacate your home for a few hours while it is getting fogged up. Before you undertake this procedure, be sure to cover all foods and utensils in your home. You would also want to disable the smoke alarm in your home until the fog clears out. After the fog has been cleared, you would want to let your home air out for about 2 hours by opening all the windows and doors before you can fully move back in. What you need to know and be prepared for, however, is the fact that after this is done, your home is going to be littered with all manner of dead bugs, and you would need to undergo a thorough clean up.

Natural Remedies

While there are many chemicals that can be used in extermination fleas, there are some remedies that are more on the natural side. These include Herbal Sprays.

This is simply a mixture of vinegar, water, lemon juice, and witch hazel. It is very effective and is completely non-harmful to pets and children. This spray should be used after vacuuming and washing all of the beddings first. Although measurements for this spray vary according to the quantity you want, a regular batch would be something like this:
• Vinegar – 4 liters.
• Water – 2 liters.
• Lemon juice – 500ml.
• Witch hazel – 250ml.

Lemon Spray

Lemon has to be the most versatile thing you can find in your kitchen. From using it for beauty treatments and treating stings, it is a fantastic remedy for flea infestations. Making this spray is very simple, just thinly slice up one whole lemon and boil it in a pint of water. Allow it to sit overnight and then transfer it into a spray bottle. This spray is effective for use on furniture infested with fleas. What to remember here however is not to soak up the furniture with this spray, the idea is to simply dampen it.

Getting rid of fleas in your home can be daunting as these creatures tend to be very stubborn and tenacious. However, with these remedies above, you are sure to do just that.

For pet owners, the one thing to remember is that your pet is the major source of your flea infestation and as such, making sure that they are protected from flea infestations is your priority. is here to help with that. Once a month, every month, get prompt delivery of your effective waterproof flea medication for your pet, right in your home.