21 May, 2019

How does a tick bite look like?

By Nabil Amir

When it comes to insects, there is no doubt that humans have had their full share of troubles. There are so many insects and creatures which fester around and could be of harm to us. However, it is so much more painful when these insects hurt our pets. One of those would be the tick bite. What really is a tick bite, and how does it look like?

Understanding Tick Bites

Ticks are insects or creatures which are under the classification of Arachnida. It is important to note that the spiders are also under this classification. Ticks as a group of insects have existed for a long time, which dates back to more 90 million years. When a tick bite occurs, the one thing you can be grateful for is the lack of microbes which are not in them. However, your pet or whoever is bitten is bound to suffer from the symptoms which would follow.
The ticks also have the ability to transmit diseases through their bites. Therefore, it affects both humans and even animals. The ticks can even cause the death of large groups of animals if they are allowed to form an infestation.

How Does A Tick Bite Look?

The tick bites are usually itchy and can make the surface of the area where the bite occurred to swell and become red. There are a lot of ways in which tick bites can occur, but some things would pose much greater risks than others. For example, if your pet moves through grassy areas on a regular basis, there is a huge chance that your pets would develop bites from ticks that are present in that area.
It is often recommended that we make sure that our pets are treated with the view to preventing ticks and fleas on a regular basis.

Symptoms Of Ticks

The tick bites have a lot of symptoms which would surely indicate that one has been bitten by a tick. However, the truth is that the initial bite can be quite hard to spot. This is because your pet would not feel the bite as it is completely painless. So as long as the tick remains on your skin, then you would surely feel no pain. But, once the tick is off your skin, the bite would start to manifest slowly.
Here are some of the symptoms which you should expect to see;
Itching: the area where the bite took place would surely swell. Therefore, you are very likely to feel itchy around the area. Scratching the spot could well make the matter worse. But you really cannot control your pet in this regard.
Burning: with the itching, would come burning sensation in that spot. This could really be hard on your pet.
Red spots: as earlier stated, the area where the bite happen would become redder than the rest of your body. This would also apply when it comes to pets who are experiencing tick bites.
If the tick bite has become much bigger with streaks on it and is even redder, then your tick bites on your pet could probably be infected.


With the different kind of ticks would come to different kinds of diseases that would need attention. These diseases are harmful and could be a threat to your life and even your pets. Some of them would include the Lyme disease, the Heartland virus, and even the tick fever. In order to avoid these diseases, it is important that you avoid been bitten by a tick.
If you are facing any of these diseases or your pet, then some of the symptoms which you would likely face would include rashes, swelling amongst others. If this happens on your pets, then it might be time that you take your pet to see a vet doctor.

How To Remove Ticks From Your Dog Or Pet?

The truth is that ticks are very painful and may have some diseases in store for your pet. Therefore, it is important to remove a tick once you have spotted it on the body of your pet. The removal procedure for a tick is anything but straightforward, and you would have to take it slowly.
The important thing, though, is that you avoid pushing the tick further into the body of your dog. The outcome could very well be an infection starting in your pet as the blood that has been bitten is taken back into their body.
The best way to execute a tick removal would be to twist the tick of the body of your dog. Using this would be the best decision to make at this point. It is important to note that your dogs are very much susceptible to diseases such as Lyme disease. It is also possible that a tick bite could lead to babesiosis. Lyme disease has the ability to make your pet to become depressed over time. Other things which it can cause would include lameness in your pet and even loss of appetite. Taking necessary actions with your pet would ensure that the disease is treated as soon as possible.
Babesiosis could cause your dogs to start having gums that look rather pale, depression, and they might even have a fever. You would also start noticing that the skin of your dog might become yellow in color.

Prevention Of Tick Bites

Since tick bites can be so deadly and dangerous, it is not surprising that many people would be on the lookout for a way in which they can successfully avoid tick bites on their pets. Here are some suggestions which would surely help;
Infested areas: one easy way in which you can avoid tick bites is to make sure that you stay away from places which have been infested with ticks. Doing so would keep you and your pet safe from the troubles which come from tick bites.
Remove all ticks: another way of preventing tick bites is to remove any ticks you find on the body of your pets.
General cleanliness: generally, having clean habits would ensure that the likelihood of attracting bites would be reduced significantly. So keep your house clean the majority of the time, and you could just save your pet a whole lot of pain.
Another efficient way of dealing with ticks and other issues such as fleas would be through medication. Fortunately, there are so many medications which would work perfectly for ticks. One of these would be the medicated tube, which is produced by
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The medicated tube is a medication which is provided on a monthly basis to owners of pets. This medication has numerous benefits and is also moderate in terms of the cost and the duration of usage.

The medicated tube, which is provided would be for any dog or cats, which is about 7 weeks or older. Here are some of the features of having these medications;
• The medication is waterproof and so should be okay even when bathing your pet.
• It is effective when taken once a month for full tick protection.

Some of the advantages of getting this flea medication tube would be;
• The cost of getting it is spread across a long duration when compared with the multi-tube package.
• It is delivered to your front door every month reminding you of applying the medication.
• You do not have to take your pets to the vets but can treat them right from the comfort of your home.


While ticks can be very hard to deal with, it is possible to cope. Tick bites would surely become a thing of the past. So get your medications as soon as you can.