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This product works very well, we saw an improvement right away, I am glad I joined.

Ava Good, Santa Monica, CA. 

The monthly reminder is great, when the package arrives I use it right away every time, so I never forget my puppy's  flea meds.  Thanks 

Lenny Delulu, San Diego, CA.  

Only $9 a month that's a good deal... always on time and always the same price.  Paw Club is a smart idea 

Mai Wynn, Denver, CO. 

Great product, good price and excellent service, I like the idea of getting the meds once a month, so I don't have to reorder or use different meds that I have not used before.

Dan Timmons, Oklahoma City, OK

Our puppy is doing much better since we started Paw Club just 3 months ago, I have been telling all my friends and family about this.

Mark Girgus, East Brunswick, NJ.

Getting the product to my house every month and half the price of some other flea treatments  out there, so this  is a good idea  and very convenient.  Keep up the good job  Paw Club.

Leo Santos, Dallas, TX. 

A pet with fleas in an unhappy pet. Paw Club can help

  • All Dogs and Cats any sizes over 7 weeks or older
  • Kills Fleas, Larvae and Flea Eggs
  • Prevents further infestation
  • Work within 2 hours
  • Breaks the flea life cycle
  • Effective once a month flea protection
  • Waterproof after application
Did you know?
20 Eggs Fleas Produce 20 eggs a day if untreated this can equal about 20,000 new fleas in 2 Months..
110 times Fleas can jump 110 times their length.If your pet has fleas, there's a good chance fleas are living in your home as well.